Rental Department Provides Mobile Generators for Biden Inauguration

Curtis Power Solutions was honored to provide more than two dozen rental generators for Verizon Wireless cell towers used during the 2021 inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden. It’s the fourth time our Rental Department has been chosen by the customer – in this case, by both Verizon Wireless and the electrical contractor -- as the mobile power provider for cell service at a presidential inauguration.
Photo courtesy of Reuters.
The rental units ranged in size from 30 kW to 100 kW. The Curtis team handled set-up and refueling for the duration of the event.
Site logistics, especially refueling, were a challenge compared to previous inaugurations because of increased security at the Capitol. Our rental technician had to walk in to service all of the generators, carrying only five gallons of fuel at a time. That’s because security fencing would not allow his truck to get close enough to each generator to use the truck-mounted fuel pump.
Says Corporate Rental Manager Butch Simonetti, “I was most proud of our new technician Chris Hollins, for getting up at the crack of dawn and keeping all the generators fueled up and running.”
Inauguration attendees were not even aware of the service Curtis provided because, says Simonetti, “We did our job. We kept power running to the cell towers and everyone was able to use their cell phones without interruption.”
A Region unto Itself
From its main office in Portsmouth, VA, and new field office in Northern Virginia, CPS’s Rental Department concentrates on servicing the mid-Atlantic Region. But it can send generators anywhere in the United States during hurricane season or whenever/wherever a major power emergency occurs. The rental inventory consists of 72 units ranging from 30 kW to 2000 kW.
Speaking of hurricane season, now is the time of year for facility managers to make sure they are prepared for a weather-related power outage. Facility managers need to know:
  • Voltage needed for the facility;
  • Maximum amperage draw and the amount needed to survive an outage;
  • Fuel arrangements and who will be making the connections; and
  • Where the mobile generator should be located, to make sure there is room for a generator sized to handle the facility’s needs.

Whatever the weather, says Simonetti, Curtis rental customers can always “count on our team of sales people, technicians and parts specialists to put out the effort that will ensure they get what they are paying for.”

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