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Technical Articles

Click the Links Below to Download Technical Papers and Other Topics of Interest Written by Experts in the Power Generation Industry.

Generator Sets

Design and Specification

mtu Technical Article: Maximizing the Reliability of Standby Power

mtu Technical Article: Understanding Generator Set Ratings for Maximum Performance and Reliability

mtu Technical Article: Generator Set Load Factor Implications for Specifying Onsite Generators 

mtu Technical Article: Understanding Transient Reactances

Engine Technology

mtu Technical Article: Turbocharging: Key Technology for High-Performance Engines

mtu Technical Article: Common Rail Fuel Injection: Key Technology for Clean and Economical Combustion

mtu Technical Article: Electronic Engine Management: Key Technology for the Intelligent Control of the Drive System

mtu Technical Article: Exhaust Gas Recirculation: Internal Engine Technology for Reducing Nitrogen Oxide Emissions

mtu Technical Article: Diesel Particulate Filter: Exhaust Aftertreatment for the Reduction of Soot Emissions

mtu Technical Article: Selective Catalytic Reduction: Exhaust Aftertreatment for Reducing Nitrogen Oxide Emissions

Power System Accessories

mtu Technical Article: Sound Science: Understanding and Implementing Generator Set Noise Control

mtu Technical Article: Controlling Generator Set Vibration to Minimize Dynamic Loading in Building Structures


Power Switching and Controls

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

ASCO White Paper: ATS Selection Basics

ASCO White Paper: Basic Control of Automatic Transfer Switches

ASCO White Paper: Application and Design Factors for Automatic and Bypass-Isolation Switches - Part 1 of 2

ASCO White Paper: Application and Design Factors for Automatic and Bypass-Isolation Switches - Part 2 of 2

ASCO White Paper: Switching the Neutral Conductor

ASCO White Paper: Basic Load Management Sequences Using ATSs

ASCO White Paper: Non-Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches for Backup Power Applications

ASCO White Paper: Selecting Secure Enclosures to Protect Equipment from Ultraviolet Radiation 


ASCO White Paper: Power Control System Basics

ASCO White Paper: PCS Load Management

ASCO White Paper: Modernizing Existing Power Control Systems

Surge Protection

ASCO White Paper: Surge Protection Device Technologies Compared

ASCO White Paper: Surge Protective Devices in Automatic Transfer Switches

ASCO White Paper: Surge Protection: New Life Safety Requirements Part 1 of 2

ASCO White Paper: Surge Protection: New Life Safety Requirements Part 2 of 2

ASCO White Paper: SPDs for Essential Power Systems in Healthcare Facilities

mtu Technical Article: Overcurrent Protection from Generator Set Controller

Service and Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

mtu Technical Article: Getting to the Core of Engine Value: Understanding Lifecycle Costs for Long-Term Savings

mtu Technical Article: Biodiesel for Genset Applications

ATS and Switchgear Maintenance

ASCO White Paper: Arc Flash Studies and Transfer Switch Serviceability

ASCO White Paper: Isolating Power Sources to Service Power Control Switchgear

ASCO White Paper: Maintaining Automatic Transfer Switches for Reliability and Longevity

ASCO White Paper: Identifying Qualified Service Providers to Optimize Power Reliability

ASCO White Paper: Safety When Servicing Energized Switchgear

Testing and Certification

Codes and Standards

mtu Technical Article: Codes and Standards for Onsite Power Systems

mtu Technical Article: Understanding Joint Commission Standards for Healthcare Emergency Power Systems

ASCO White Paper: Code Changes after Hurricane Sandy

ASCO White Paper: NEC Requirements for Emergency Power Transfer Switching

ASCO White Paper: If You Take Care of Your Documentation, It Will Take Care of You

ASCO White Paper: UL Standards for Power Control System Equipment

ASCO White Paper: UL 1008, 7th Edition Withstand and Closing Rating Requirements

ASCO White Paper: Can Building Codes Ensure Power Reliability?

ASCO White Paper: Seismic Certification and Consulting Engineer

mtu Technical Article: How IBC-2009 Seismic and Wind Loading Standards Apply to Emergency Standby Power Systems

Load Bank Testing

ASCO White Paper: Load Bank Testing to Ensure Generator Set Performance

ASCO White Paper: Best Practices for Load Bank Testing

ASCO White Paper: Load Banks for Power System Testing

ASCO White Paper: Load Bank Rating Factors

ASCO White Paper: Load Bank Utilization in Data Centers

ASCO White Paper: Load Banks for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

ASCO White Paper: Applications for Capacitive Load Banks

ASCO White Paper: Benefits and Applications of Containerized Load Banks

ASCO White Paper: Benefits of Networking Load Banks

ASCO White Paper: Application of Resistive/Reactive Load Banks for kVA Testing

ASCO White Paper: Radiator Mounted Load Banks

ASCO White Paper: Medium Voltage Load Banks

Electrical System Testing

ASCO White Paper: Automated Reporting for Emergency Power Systems



Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

mtu Technical Article: Optimal Uptime: Increasing CHP Availability

mtu Technical Article: Improving Energy Efficiency with CHP

mtu Technical Article: Co-generation Opportunities and On-Site Specifying Factors

mtu Technical Article: CHP Looks Better Than Ever to a Growing List of Energy Customers

mtu Technical Article: Automatic Control Systems for Successful CHP Installations

mtu Technical Article: Benefits of CHP for Data Centers

Renewable Energy

mtu Technical Article: Gas Engine Based Power Stations in Combination with Renewables



mtu Technical Article: Stack testing - Determining Pollutants Accurately


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