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Planned Maintenance


Maintenance Contracts

Planned Maintenance Contract intervals range from an annual service to semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly inspections for critical applications.


Testing and Certification

Load bank testing, fuel testing and cleaning, ATS maintenance, and electrical testing in accordance with NFPA and Joint Commission standards.


Free Inspections

If you are not confident that your generator will perform or is safe to operate in an emergency, contact us today.


Repairs and Overhauls

Troubleshooting, corrective maintenance, repairs, and overhauls of engines, generators, transfer switches, switchgear, and accessories.


Diesel Fuel Cleaning and Filtering

Testing, filtering, cleaning, and treatment to remove water and sediment from diesel fuel storage and day tanks


Generator Rental

Mobile generators and cable delivered to your site in case of an outage or emergency.


Spare Parts

Spare and replacement parts for generator sets, engines, transfer switches, and other power system components and accessories.


Curtis on Call

Web-based remote monitoring system for most generator sets and ATS’s that sends e-mails and/or text messages of events or alarms.


Emergency Response

24/7 Emergency Service - Call the emergency service number in your area for emergency service at any time, day or night.

Authorized Distributor