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Level 1 Enclosure

Weather-Protective Enclosure
Basic weather-protective enclosure constructed of heavy gauge steel or aluminum with fixed stormproof panels designed for 190 mph wind rating


Level 2 Enclosure

Sound-Attenuated Enclosure
Enhanced Level 1 enclosure with UL 94 HF-1 complaint, 1.5″ thick sound attenuated foam insulation installed inside enclosure walls

Level 3 Enclosure

Sound-Attenuated Enclosure
Level 2 enclosure with an air intake and/or exhaust scoop with additional sound attenuated foam insulation installed in the scoops

Walk-In Enclosure

Weather Proof and Ultra Quiet Enclosure
Weatherproof enclosure in steel or aluminum with double door access (Level 1). Available with foam insulation (Level 2) and additional air scoops for directing noise and air flow upward (Level 3).

Custom Enclosure

Custom Walk-In Enclosures
Sound and weather-protective enclosures available in a variety of metals including aluminum and stainless steel and built to your exact specifications with accessories

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