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Fuel Systems

Fuel Storage Tanks

Sub-Base Fuel Tanks
UL142 and NFPA-compliant above ground diesel fuel storage tanks with 24, 48, or 72-hour capacities

Day Tanks

Diesel Fuel Day Tanks
Packaged day tank systems that feature modular construction, pre-wired controls, and pre-plumbed pumps with auto-fill and leak detection capabilities

Diesel Fuel Water Separators

Diesel Fuel Water Separators
High capacity water separation (99% water removal) with three-stage filtration using 10 or 30 micron filter elements, clear collection bowls, and self-venting water drains

RCI Technologies

Diesel Fuel Purifiers
Universal fuel purifiers, portable fuel polishing units, and fuel recirculating systems

Gaseous Fuels

Gaseous Fuel Systems
Engine Control Modules (ECM), gas solenoid valves, regulators, and gas train components

GTI Altronics

Bi-Fuel Conversion Kits
Allows diesel engines to operate on a blend of natural gas and diesel to extend run time and lower emissions

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