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Load Banks

Featured Products


ASCO Avtron 1000 Series

Radiator Mount Load Banks
Vertical or horizontal radiator-mounted resistive load banks from 10-1,500 kW for diesel gensets

ASCO Avtron 2000 Series

Portable Load Banks
Lightweight and portable resistive load banks from 10-700 kW designed to be maneuverable and rugged

ASCO Avtron 4000 Series

Permanent Load Banks
Resistive load banks from 50-4,000 kW designed for permanent outdoor installation

ASCO Avtron 5000 Series

Trailer Mounted Load Banks
Mobile load banks from 500-3,000 kW mounted on DOT certified trailers 

ASCO Froment 8000 Series

Containerized Load Banks
Resistive and combined (resistive/reactive) from 1600-6000 kW and 1500-6000 kVA packaged in a 20 foot container.

Load Bank Accessories

Power Distribution Equipment
Generator and load bank docking stations, temporary power cables and connectors, load bank controls, specialty electrical panels and connection boxes

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