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This Installation Guide provides general instructions for installing your MTU Onsite Energy generator set properly. It is essential that every person who works on or with the generator set be completely familiar with the contents of this manual, and that he/she carefully follows the instructions contained herein.

Each installation may require some modification of the suggested guidelines in this manual. Installations must be consistent with locally applicable standards and take into consideration safety guidelines and measures.

Following this guide will result in an efficient and reliable installation. Carefully follow all procedures and safety precautions to ensure proper equipment operation and to avoid bodily injury. Read and follow the Safety Precautions section at the beginning of this manual.


Information in this publication represents data available at the time of print. MTU Onsite Energy reserves the right to change this publication and the products represented without notice and without any obligation or liability whatsoever.

All instructions and diagrams have been checked for accuracy and simplicity of application. However, the skills of the installer are most important. Curtis Engine and/or MTU Onsite Energy does not guarantee the result of any installation contained in this manual. Nor can Curtis Engine or MTU Onsite Energy assume responsibility for any injury or damage to property. Persons engaging in installation do so entirely at their own risk.

Download the MTU Onsite Energy Installation and Basic Operation Manual

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