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Rolls-Royce. We Are Powerful.

Are you interested in what Rolls-Royce does? This video provides a short overview of what Rolls-Royce stands for. We are powerful. To learn more about our full range of power products, visit our website: www.mtuonsiteenergy.com

You can also find us on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/mtu-onsite-energy
Or, view additional videos at the Rolls-Royce YouTube channel.

Rolls Royce Power Systems and MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy is one of the core brands of Rolls Royce Power Systems. RRPS offers high and medium speed diesel and gas gensets in the 24 kWe to 9,400 kWe range. MTU Onsite Energy and Bergen Engines are part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems within the Land & Sea division of Rolls-Royce.

Visit us and find out more about our extensive range of power generation products!


MTU Onsite Energy: Constant Flow Of Power

In a fast changing world of ever-increasing energy demands, you need a power generation supplier that can dependably and efficiently ensure a continuous flow of power. With over 60 years of power generation experience, MTU Onsite Energy offers you a full range of solutions tailored to your needs, and backed by our outstanding service and support network.

That's why MTU Onsite Energy systems are trusted all over the world to maintain the flow of reliable power. And peace of mind.

Economical, Reliable, Clean - Gas Generators By MTU Onsite Energy

Imagine generating up to three energy solutions -- electricity, heat and cooling -- with a single, onsite system. Welcome to the world of Gas Power Systems from MTU Onsite Energy. See how economical, reliable, clean and independent energy can be.

MTU Onsite Energy: Built to endure Mother Nature's wrath

When an earthquake strikes, generators have to keep going - especially in mission critical facilities like hospitals.

That's why MTU Onsite Energy puts its 60,000-pound 3,250 KW Diesel Generator Set through a simulated earthquake - using a shaker table in a lab. 

Load Testing a 3,250 kW MTU Onsite Energy Genset

Watch this MTU Onsite Energy 3,250 kW generator set start and assume full rated load in one step in less than 10 seconds as required by NFPA 110 Type 10.

To learn more about NFPA 110 and other applicable Codes and Standards, see our Technical Articles.

MTU ValueSpares Genuine Parts

MTU engines are built with legendary high standards. When it’s time for replacement parts and consumables, don’t settle for anything less. For maximum reliability, performance and uptime, choose a name you can trust—ValueSpares from MTU.

MTU ValueCare "Keep Going"

MTU Onsite Energy offers a full range of support through MTU ValueCare to help you get the most from your equipment. MTU ValueCare is a portfolio of value enhancing products and services designed for peak performance and maximum uptime. Support is always nearby – anytime and anywhere. 

Journey Through an Engine

The trailer "Journey through an engine" takes interested viewers on a trip through the innards of a Series 4000 rail engine. The film of Rolls-Royce Power Systems explains in the space of a few minutes the technologies that make MTU diesel engines clean and efficient.

ASCO Power Technologies: Introduction

At ASCO, we have a long history of innovation. In fact, it’s part of our DNA. We are on a constant drive to bring new technologies and new products to our customers to help them become more productive. From paralleling switchgear to surge suppressors, load banks to communication products and power quality measurement tools, ASCO innovation stretches way beyond transfer switches.

ASCO Power Technologies: Product Portfolio

This video provides an overview of the products that ASCO manufactures. This 3-minute video introduces each of ASCO's primary product lines by showing their placement in a 3-D model of a hospital. The products shown include Power Control Systems, Automatic Transfer Switches, Surge Protective Devices, Industrial Control Products, Fire Pump Controllers, PowerQuest solutions, Load Banks, and ASCO Power Services. Learn more at:



Transfer Switch 101

Learn about the proper criteria for selecting a transfer switch for your business-critical operations.

ASCO Power Technologies offers a number of e-learning modules on their YouTube channel. These modules last from 5-15 minutes cover a wide range of topics from basic electrical concepts to specific product tutorials.

Code Changes After Hurricane Sandy

Recent U.S. hurricanes produced flooding that caused outages of critical equipment placed low in buildings. While industry standards and government regulations increasingly provide guidance for locating equipment out of harm’s way, they cannot anticipate every circumstance that could lead to failure. The best solutions come from common-sense design.

To learn about pragmatic approaches for reducing risk and more about applicable Codes and Standards, see our Technical Articles or view more videos on the ASCO Power Technologies YouTube channel.

Load Bank Testing to Ensure Generator Set Performance

This white paper video summarizes how load banks ensure the performance of generating sets. The white paper goes into depth of how specific components of a gen-set are tested, the differences in resistive and resistive/reactive load and the standards that generating sets must adhere to.

To learn more about ASCO Load Banks, see our Technical Articles or view more videos on ASCO Power Technologies' YouTube channel.

Critical Power: Backup, Standby, and Emergency Power in Mission Critical Facilities

ASCO sponsors Critical Power webcasts produced by Consulting and Specifying Engineering Magazine and featuring experts in the power generation field.  This webcast covers the codes and standards that apply to mission critical facilities and the unique challenges that engineers, contractors, and facility managers face regarding backup, standby and emergency power supply systems.

These webcasts are about an hour long and the are available at any time on the ASCO Power Technologies YouTube channel.


Doosan Portable Power: Intro

Doosan Portable Power is a market leading company headquartered in Statesville, NC. The Doosan Portable Power portfolio includes portable air compressors, light towers, light compaction products, and a full range of mobile generators from 25-570 kVA.

For more information, visit:


Doosan Portable Power Generators

In depth look at a Doosan G325 generator.

How A Generator Works

The basic breakdown of how a Doosan Portable Power generator works.

Doosan Portable Power Generators: Walkaround

This video contains footage of a basic walk around featuring a Doosan Portable Power generator. For more information on Doosan Portable Power generators visit

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