A Tip of the Hat to Our "Dream” Partners

It’s been said, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

That sentiment is as true for us today as it was when the company was founded. As we close out the celebration of Curtis Engine’s 75th anniversary, we can’t help but reflect on our path to today. In 2019, we generated our highest-ever annual sales total and were awarded our largest-ever customer contract. These milestones are the results of years of successful project completions. We didn’t achieve this success alone. We couldn’t have— and we wouldn’t have wanted to.

Curtis Engine grew up among partner organizations that evolved as we did over the years. Numerous construction-related contractors merged and spun out to meet the changing needs of their business and the industry. Many of the skilled and dedicated personnel stayed in the industry, even as company names changed.

In this tight-knit community, we have always been drawn to those people and partners who are willing and able to tackle complex issues. We’ve built relationships with those who share our commitment to serving customers with personalized service and superior technical expertise.

Today, we are fortunate to enjoy years-long and decades-long partner relationships. We recognize that the best partnerships come from pushing each other to do their best work, to deliver customer excellence. We feel fortunate to have partners who do just that for us.

There are far too many to name. But we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the many partners who serve as an extension of our team. It’s a privilege to work with you. Thank you for the teamwork. It truly does make this dream work.  

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