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Inner Harbor East

Owner: H&S Properties

Utility Agent: Trigen Energy Baltimore

Energy Manager: Veolia

Engineer: Spears / Votta & Associates

Project: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system and emergency backup power system for the Baltimore Harbor East Hotel and Office Complex

Solution: A 2,000 kW Waukesha natural gas generator, a 2,000 kW diesel generator for peak shaving and a 1,000 KW diesel powered generator for life safety power for the facility and sale of emergency power to the office building and retail tenants. Heat from the generator exhaust and generator cooling system is utilized to pre-heat heating water utilized for space heating, reheat and domestic hot water heating in the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront and Courtyard Baltimore Downtown / Inner Harbor hotel buildings.

Completed: 2001

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), peak shaving and emergency backup power system for Baltimore's Inner Harbor East Complex

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier attractions. The revitalization of the area is continuing with the growth of Inner Harbor East. H&S Properties Development Corporation has assumed a large portion of the redevelopment with its 18 acre multi-use site. The site includes a 750 room Marriott Waterfront Hotel, a 200 room Marriott Courtyard Hotel, an entertainment complex with multiplex cinemas, restaurants and residential and commercial office buildings. Inner Harbor East is considered the linchpin in the redevelopment of the 32-block industrial area that connects the Inner Harbor with the residential neighborhoods of Fells Point and Canton. 

H&S selected Trigen Energy Baltimore as the utility agent to provide 9,100 tons of cooling, 2 megawatts of peak shaving electricity and 124 MMBTU’s per hour of hot water. Trigen was chosen because of their proven experience in designing, managing and operating efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling systems. Curtis Engine & Equipment provided the specific equipment necessary to complete the project.

Larry LaMotte, Vice President, Trigen Energy Baltimore stated, “Trigen wanted to partner with a company that could provide a solution for our peak shaving and standby needs. Curtis Engine & Equipment was able to offer those solutions and back it up with the best price and on-time delivery. They have not let us down.”

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