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VAMC Perry Point

Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs

Electrical Contractor: Cynergy Electric

Engineer: DCS Infrastructure

Project: Backup power system for the Potable Water System Improvements at the VA Medical Center at Perry Point, MD

Solution: (2) MTU Onsite Energy 250kW Series 1600 diesel gensets capable of parallel operation and (1) MTU Onsite Energy 100kW diesel genset along with custom fuel systems, NiCd battery systems, and (2) ASCO Series 300 automatic transfer switches with remote annuncitators

Completed: 2018

Backup power for the Potable Water System improvements at the VA Hospital at Perry Point, MD

The Potable Water System Improvement project is intended to make improvements to the potable water system serving the entire campus.  The work includes replacing the existing Water Treatment Plant with a new plant, renovating the Raw Water Pumping Station, and instrumentation and control improvements for enhanced system operations.  

The existing water system was constructed in the early 1900’s and has undergone several upgrades over the years, however, much of the original structures are still in service.  This project will correct Facility Conditions Assessment (FCA) deficiencies and provide for a more reliable and safer source of potable water to the patients, staff and visitors of the Medical Center.

Curtis Engine supplied and Cynergy Electric installed two new 250kW diesel generator sets at the new Water Treatment Plant capable of parallel operations with 96-hour fuel systems and one 100kW diesel genset for the Raw Water Pumping Station, along with automatic transfer switches, NiCd battery systems and other accessories.

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